Two cooks in the kitchen


If you and your mate both like to spend time in the kitchen, consider yourself lucky! And consider some of these kitchen design ideas to make meal prep (and your relationship) run smoothly.

  • Think about your work triangle, or your patterns of movement. For one cook it is from the sink to the range to the refrigerator. For a second cook it is from the second sink to the cook top to the refrigerator.
    • These two triangles shouldn’t interfere with one another.
    • Each leg of the triangle should be a minimum of 4’ and a maximum of 9’.
    • Plan appropriate cabinetry between each appliance.
  • Separating the oven from the cook top, which can be located on the island, aids traffic flow.
  • A kitchen island is a must in a two-person kitchen, and preferred over a peninsula, which can box one person in.
  • Your kitchen cabinet design will need to have two sinks, one of them on the island, positioned so that the cooks aren’t back-to-back and can easily converse.
  • You won’t want to be cooking cheek-to-cheek either, so make sure you leave 48 to 60 inches of space between your counter tops and island.
  • A second dishwasher makes clean-up a lot easier.