Make a unique statement with inset cabinetry.

We offers quality craftsmanship, precision construction and prompt delivery.

Kitchen cabinetry defines the look of a room and can influence the feel of an entire home. Set the tone with StarMark's inset cabinetry when you want quality craftsmanship, classic beauty and smooth, clean lines.

Customize your inset cabinetry by selecting:

  • beaded or flush face frames
  • concealed or finial hinges.

Inset cabinetry is ideal for traditional, transitional and contemporary design styles. Here are suggested style examples:

  • For a traditional look Laforest door style, beaded face frames and concealed hinges
  • For a contemporary look Mackay door style, flush face frames and concealed hinges
  • For a transitional look Dewitt door style, flush face frames and finial hinges
  • For a cottage or shabby chic look Lafayette door style, flush face frames and finial hinges

Inset cabinetry features door and drawer headers that are fitted inside the face frame.

  • Precision construction is essential for inset cabinetry. Doors and drawers must fit squarely in their designated space often adding to the cost and delivery time.
  • Remodeler's Warehouse has overcome these obstacles and offers affordable inset cabinetry delivered in an aggressive eight week schedule.
  • The beauty of inset cabinetry can be within your budget!

Inset cabinet construction

Style and construction that stand the test of time

1. The side panels are 3/4" thick hardwood plywood.

  • Side panels are called "end panels."
  • Options include:
    • Flush construction
    • Beaded flush construction

2. The back panel is 1/2" thick hardwood plywood.

  • Options include:
    • 3/8" thick beaded back panel
    • 3/4" thick flush back panel

3. The top and bottom are 1/2" thick hardwood plywood.

4. The interior is natural birch melamine.

  • Options include:
    • Veneer that is stained to match the exterior color
    • Natural maple veneer

5. Shelves are 3/4" thick hardwood plywood.

  • The shelves in base cabinets are two-thirds deep.
  • Full depth shelves are available in base cabinets.

6. The toe kick is fully enclosed.