Doors, finishes and more


Having a wide selection of door styles, colors and wood types from which to choose is great. And, the quality of these ingredients is important to guarantee a lasting investment.

What are the doors made of?

  • If a manufacturer offers doors with veneered panels, make sure the manufacturer is very capable at finishing. Veneered panels may not accept stain the same as solid wood. This could result in doors that don't match the rest of the cabinetry components.

How are the doors finished?

  • The sheen and feel of a finish is not an accurate guide to its durability.
  • Instead, ask about the finishing process.
    • The best finishing process carefully prepares high-grade wood through hand sanding and staining.
    • The best finishing process includes sealing with an oven-cured, catalyzed conversion varnish. The resulting finish is impervious to liquids and stains from everyday use, along with being easy to clean.

Is there a warranty?

  • The manufacturer should stand behind its products with a warranty.