Design a wheelchair accessible kitchen


It’s possible to have an accessible, convenient kitchen without sacrificing beauty. All it takes is a little planning.

  • To accommodate a wheelchair in your kitchen cabinet design, make sure your kitchen has adequate floor space. 48 to 60 inches between counter tops is recommended. 
  • Have multiple counter heights or pull out bread boards for work space.
  • Look for base cabinets with a higher, deeper toe kick. 
  • Install a lowered sink with open space underneath, but make sure exposed pipes are insulated to prevent injury.
  • Look for sinks that can be raised and lowered for multiple person use, and install dishwashers at an elevated height. 
  • Lower the height of your cooktop, and have a separate oven. Both should have handles and knobs that are accessible from the front. 
  • Place the microwave on a low counter top or under the counter. 
  • The refrigerator should either be side-by-side or have the freezer on the bottom. 
  • Store dinnerware, tableware, and glassware on open shelves or roll out trays in base cabinets. 
  • Use roll out trays and revolving shelves for smaller items.
  • Glass front wall cabinets make it easy to see what’s behind the doors.