Computers, TVs and music in the kitchen

Whether you listen to music, watch TV, or use the Internet while preparing meals, it’s easy to stay connected without sacrificing style.

  • If music keeps you moving, install a whole-house stereo system and hide speakers in your kitchen cabinets, or place an electrical outlet at the back of an island shelf for a CD player or radio.
  • Store a TV in an appliance garage with a tambour door, pocket door or lift up door.
    • Diagonal wall cabinets work well for TV’s.
    • Perhaps the most convenient location is the space above the refrigerator. It’s out of the way, and can be seen from many spots in the kitchen.
  • Place a computer desk in or near the kitchen and out of the flow of traffic.
    • If kids will be using it, make sure the desk is at a convenient height for them and use a slide out tray for the keyboard.
    • You will also want to make sure the screen faces your line of sight so you can monitor the computer’s use.